Command Line Tools

These tools are recommended for all systems.

Openssh provides both an ssh client and a server. Setting up a server allows logging into the system from another system allowing control, including building of additional packages, from a full graphical environment.

Wget allows retrieval of packages from the command line.

Make-ca provides for installing security certificates of well known certificate authorities so applications can properly authenticate entities such as an https:// URL across an untrusted network.

Sudo allows otherwise untrusted users to run commands that require administrative privileges. It is a convenient alternative to the su command.

Which is a convenient utility that shows the full path to a command.

Unzip is an extraction utility for zip files. It's function is similar to gzip. gzip2, and xz that were installed in LFS.

Links is a text mode WWW browser. Text mode browsers are very fast and can be used before a graphical environment is installed.

Mailx is a a command-line Mail User Agent (MUA). It is especially useful for sending mail messages in scripts.



When building BLFS packages, manny will require the installation of dependent packages before that are built. See the section called “Conventions Used for Package Dependencies” to help decide which dependent packages you need.

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