LWP::Protocol::https-6.07 (Perl Module)

Introduction to Perl Module LWP::Protocol::https




Explicit download of this package is not necessary when using auto installation instructions.

LWP::Protocol::https provides https support for LWP::UserAgent (i.e. for LWP). This module uses auto installation instructions:.

cpan -i LWP::Protocol::https

Auto Installation of Perl Modules.

Install Perl modules using the cpan shell install command. The command automatically downloads the source from the CPAN archive, extracts it, runs the compilation, testing and installation commands mentioned above.

The first time you run cpan, you'll be prompted to enter some information regarding download locations and methods. This information is retained in files located in ~/.cpan. Start the cpan shell by issuing 'cpan' as the root user. Any module may now be installed from the cpan>  prompt with the command:

install <Module::Name>

For additional commands and help, issue 'help' from the cpan>  prompt.

Alternatively, for scripted or non-interactive installations, use the following syntax as the root user to install one or more modules:

cpan -i <Module1::Name> <Module2::Name>

Review the cpan.1 man page for additional parameters you can pass to cpan on the command line.

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